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Bint Eliotrope Lvl 61 Nox

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By Belize - 2017-01-24 11:29:06 in Crafting
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I enjoy crafting my gear. So far I made imperial tofu and gobball set. Which suits my current level. 30ish. But I want to start planning on my next set, so I can start level my professions and gather stuff. Maybe a set for around level 60-80?

I play eliotrope and i havent really decided on build yet, but I like using area spells, and will likely use berserk quite a lot. If there are dungeons i can somehow solo with my group of 2 sidekicks and me thats fine.

Any suggestions on what sets and items...
By Belize - 2017-01-17 10:47:28 in Eliotrope
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Pretty new here and I am not sure if my planned build is viable. Let me hear your opinions.

Want to play with backstab, and possibly berserk. Mainly focus on earth element, and close combat. Not sure about aoe or single target. I picked earth because I like

I want to get dungeon boss in right position, then portal behind him and backstab him for big damage

I reckon I will play mostly solo, with sidekicks. I want to do dungeons, and pve stuff. Pvp not important.

Does this seem viable to you...