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How do i open the door to Justine Smouf's house in the quest 'What Gurgles in the Shadows'? Apparently i need a key or a tool but the game doesn't exactly tell me what i need.
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Has anyone else encountered harpooner doing weird things since the last patch? Today it ignored an enemy it could easily finish to hit a summon AND passed its turn while it still had enough ap to hit 2 more times. That's not even the first thing i've found odd since 2.32. I feel like it picks its targets randomly instead of going after targets it'll hit most/ can finish.
By BeanyBean - 2015-10-03 10:36:29 in Foggernaut
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I need some help with an int/str set. I want to be able to heal with archetypal bow and first aid and still deal okay damage with ambush and other str spells. I can afford up to 3 srambad/whale pieces and have an ochre. Exos are out of reach right now, but if you have a set with exos still post it. It'll give me something to work towards.