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By Barinade - 2022-12-02 03:33:00 in General Discussions
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I know this isn't Dofus but we really need a better PvP system... pacts are kind of bad, because most of the people with their pact up don't want to be attacked or attack someone meaning it's no fun for PvP. People will literally get mad if you even attack them. There needs to be a way for two parties of people who want to PvP to meet in the middle and the game needs to spark that fight started. And don't say battlefields either, because they're extremely infrequent and not very well designed. They...
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So the Ouginak gets reworked, and it gets left in the dust. That was 2016. Now it's 2022 and it's happened again. Sure, the class is decent at some things but has some massive holes in it. It lacks identity, uniqueness, and power. Everything feels watered down or simply weaker. I feel it's as though the rework was rushed and the developers stopped caring about halfway through because they had more important things to worry about.

Below are a bunch of problems that the Ouginak currently has and some...
By Barinade - 2022-10-04 21:21:31 in Ouginak
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The Ouginak rework just came out and I've made a guide from my experience on the beta and from my general game knowledge. Hopefully it'll be helpful.

This new Ouginak has new mechanics built around Prey and Were-Ouginak, so you will need to learn them in order to properly play the class.

FURY: You will now generate FURY from several different methodsAt the end of your turn, you will gain +15 FURY if you've hit the PREY. Alternatively, the OPEN SEASON passive will grant it instantly on...