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Narrelbade Pandawa Lvl 1 Nox

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A problem that most players run into at the end of the game is that they are forced to choose between one relic and epic rune, and if you feel like changing them for just one specific scenario, you have to buy an entire new epic/relic and upgrade it for that rune slot.

Instead, I think for the sake of strategy and convenience, we should have more slots for those special runes after upgrading.

Then what you do is you click on the item to choose which one of those epic/relic runes will be active...
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Hello. This is just a little PvP forum thread I decided to make in order to start some discussion on a few mechanics in the game that seem to be causing more harm than good. I think this game could benefit from some constructive discussions around PvP, since it rarely gets talked about. Aside from that, I just enjoy talking about it.

So what I wanted to talk about were two subjects:

Force of Will (The statistic that affects AP and MP removal)
Sacrifice (The sacrier spell that protects one or...
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Alright so I seem to have a permanent -35 res debuff (we have 5 more earth res guild bonus than the other elements). I'm not in combat in this image.

Things I've tried:
1. Relogging
2. Reclienting
3. Restatting
4. Switching builds (it only happens at real level)
5. Taking off all my armor (see the picture above)
6. Starting a fight and ending a fight

Has this happened to anyone else?

edit: It was a poison chalice bug. I had to put on poison chalice and then take it back off and my res went back...