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By Barbinhas - 2014-02-06 10:03:37 in Sacrier
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Should i make my chance sac a hybrid, cha/agi, in order to lock mobs or just let the agi go up buy punishment?
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Whenever i use a recall potion, i always end at my statue. This only happen when i relog.
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With the arrival of the companion's, there are some small tweaks that i personally would like to see ingame.

A companions should be able to be set up on a custom set.

While on a fight, instead of the swap with companion in order to place the caracters where you want there should be a way for you to control you companion. For exemple: You star a fight and place your caracter and press ready, then it would be allowed to place your companion and once again click ready.

The staff of the game should...