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I am a lv 117 Str iop, and I want to get a 2nd account and build another char to make a team with my main.

I have thought about Cra, Sac, Eni, Sadi, Panda and even Xelor.

Sac can be a tank and offer water damage to the mobs who have high earth resis; Cra can deal high fire damage in a long range; Eni can heal the iop and offer poweful buff, but the weakness is as a 2-chars group, the iop should do almost all the damage, in comparison with other groups, this combination will spend more time in...
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I was saved in Otomai island, and when I became a ghost, I can not find the exit of the cemetery.

Could some1 help me to get out of the cemeemergency!I am in Otomai island cemetery and the coord is -56 25. The room I am in looks like undeerground, and the only room I can enter is Zoth villiage cemetery.

Thank u for ur help!

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