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By Babeskillers - 2013-04-23 10:27:53 in Professions
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I'm a pretty new player on dofus, and need some help.
got a level 52 sacrier.
i got a small problem, i get a lot of money of a lucky drop !
and now i like to make more money!

i tried some things:
Try to controll the market of 1 item (but it seems that i always buy the wrong items xD )
I got a account with 90 farming and 100 baker ( it makes some money but not lots of it !)

I like to know if there a some good money making advise !
I was wondering if there are some crafting profs to lvl...
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i'm new kinda new to the game dofus. i got a lvl 49 int cra but thats not what i'm looking for in the game, so afther much reading i started my Sacrier.

Now is the big problem.
wtf do i need to with it haha.

my goal with this sacrier (for now) is playing with a friend who has a cra aswell so most of the time duo

do i start with wisdom for fast lvling and afther that change back to ??
put all my points into vit? for much health ?
all in strenght ? for the dmg ?
Chance for the loot( i dont...