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Bestvarus Cra Lvl 197 Phaeris
Afire Zurk Osamodas Lvl 184 Phaeris
Adverstick Xelor Lvl 184 Phaeris
Merlinr Eniripsa Lvl 135 Phaeris

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As we all know , we have volumious smithmagic box , dungeon key box and so on , they are very brilliant design ! Bags should not have the only difference about capacity in my opinion . Equipments bags and Consumable bags can keep our inventory in a good order . Our requirements for the game not emote harness costume all the day !
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Lv and price , Here Thx
By BESTVARUS - 2016-08-26 04:57:52 in Suggestions
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Do we have to leave astrub knight when we grown up? Belive quite a few players want say No,but ankamas design let us have no choice. Because astrub knight is too weak to compared with other cash shop sidekicks. when the first time we arrived at the world of twelve, astrub knight is the first friend we make before we start contact with other players. We save him him from a daventurous quest and he become a friens who was always with us from then on. But his passive is 60 element mastery against creature...