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Azu Chan Masqueraider Lvl 230 Rubilax
Loftie Huppermage Lvl 230 Rubilax
All Bite Ouginak Lvl 230 Rubilax
Calorie Deficit Sacrier Lvl 221 Rubilax
Absa Eliotrope Lvl 167 Rubilax
Zotha Enutrof Lvl 136 Rubilax
Lofterson Pandawa Lvl 132 Rubilax
Atruum Sram Lvl 124 Rubilax
Wyrmwind Osamodas Lvl 68 Rubilax

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By Azumite - 2022-08-15 04:51:54 in Suggestions
2 312
I think Fogger is a good class. Not as overpowered as the other classes, mainly because the way Fogger's kit is. Fogger is reward for setup and gaining power overtime whereas the classes you see at the top of the leaderboards have instant access to most/all of their power. Here are some suggestions for Fogger changes (I don't think these will make them overpowered but just to help them out)

1. Fogger version of Exhilaration.
Panda has the spell Exhilaration, that applies or maintains Merry on themselves....
By Azumite - 2019-07-24 00:27:39 in Masqueraiders
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So long story short I didn't test out how the save sublimation works when the double is out.
(I did but that was when save wasn't working at all)

If you have the save sublimation and a double out, how does it work?
I run tenacity so I have at least 2ap leftover anyway and really want to capitalize on that.