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So I finally get a fight. When I get in.. I can't see anything but the map and my group on the group bar. Apparently it was the same for all people in the fight except one. We all relogged and what not but nothing will fix it. I can't use the chat anymore.. I can't contact anyone.. what the heck can I do to get out of this glitchy kollo thing? I would really like to play on my character.

Screeny of the blankness and everyone relogging to no prevail.
By Azui - 2008-11-09 22:12:36 in Problems and solutions
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M'kay.. so.. I just re-installed Dofus today from being gone for about a month. I'm not a subscriber. I have a level 46 Eca in Incarnam.. When I got on today, all of my spells were portrayed as undefined (Undefined AP).
It still let me use most of them. The one's I couldn't use were ones like, 'Wheel of Fortune', where I would have to cast that on myself to have it work. I tried relogging, but it kept coming back as undefined. I even tried re-installing the game itself..

Any suggestions?