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By Azimis - 2017-03-28 13:17:35 in Pandawa
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my friend and i have onley started recently so were still getting used to the strong and the weak! my friend will be playing a int rogue however i dont know if i should go agility or chance pandawa we will be playing pve onley hope u guys can give me some insight thanks in advance!
By Azimis - 2017-03-28 03:05:05 in Rogue
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So my friend and i are still getting used to the game but we love it and hope we can get 200 oneday we managed to get one of our friends to join us aswell and we were wondering what class u guys would suggest to pair with rogue+panda? Also is int rogue still the best option for strictly pve? Thanks in advance!
By Azimis - 2017-03-25 14:54:39 in Ouginak
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so my ouginak is currently level 47 getting build as str and using a full yellow piwi set since he's my team's tank i'm wondering what kind of set i should get for her since i will be crafting the gear my self i dont want to waste my time on a set i'll onley be using for a couple of levels so if any of u could give me a suggestion that would be amazing! thanks in advance and happy hunting