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By Azaknami - 2019-05-21 23:20:32 in Cra
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TL;DR: Cras suck at PvP and anything close range/defensive, I used to think since they are really OP in PvM and long range dmg it "balances out". But I think as time passed other classes catched up but Cras still have the same weaknesses as before. I think Cras need some defensive options, 1 spell that gives shield and 1 spell that has some sort of benefit in melee range would be really great.

Proof can be seen by the fact that everybody universally hates Cras in 3v3 kolo, people legit curse at...
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I was very excited for this island, but this mechanic single-handedly destroys all the enjoyment anybody can have from the level 200 part of the island.

The Problem (I propose a solution at the end)

For those who don't know: The first enemy in the fight summons a Chokao Chip (has low res. and health that scales with the # of players, 3500 for a team of 4). Until you kill that chip, the summoner is invulnerable and all other enemies take 50% less damage. Whether you kill the chip or not, the next...