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By Axcel0 - 2017-04-21 02:14:24 in Suggestion Box
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I was wondering if anyone else wants more sets that can make Dofusteuse look normal, I find that super gear like this should be released with every with every new area expansion. Effects that minorly show the essence of the floor boss in it Like a wormlord set that pulls allies closer if they are within 4 diag or adjacent, even count ravof set that gives +2% or +5% res each time you are hit with that element for 1 turn. With the release of 2> trophies no one plays set 3+ anymore.

Also side note...
By Axcel0 - 2017-04-10 09:07:22 in Suggestion Box
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From the past week we have seen that the revival in shields are well taken for pvm and pvp players. All enjoying that usually empty slot on there character for either all new boost or a simply ap or mp exo.

But now i feel we need a revamp in those dead ghost in the bottom of our inventory. Those side gifts of all sub packs,yep Im talking PETS!!!

Here ill list out a few aspects of pets that can be changed to help improve there usefulness in our world:

Growth- I feel if they were to change this...
By Axcel0 - 2017-03-06 09:46:45 in Eliotrope
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Hi, ive been playing eliotrope sense they have come out and im curious if any one have been having problems fighting these classes and if any of you have methods of fighting you would use on them in particular

the classes are:

Will aprechiate your feed back.