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Looking for Friendly active person to Play with on rushu server. Your level experience do not count. If u just looking for friend to play with pm me on rushu ign name : Alz. I can help with items ,set, duegons. If u are friendly and want talk about everything not only dofus . I am comunicative person I got microphone . I got a lot of kamas items but not rly friends to play with. So if u looking for friend as I do just catch me on game :3
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Today my friend created account on tofukaze link i send him. He bought twice 6000 orgines on website for real money not for kamas. But my tofukaze number is still 0. Did it happens to anyone else too? What should i do?

He had Register status while he was buying orgines!

Wait for any advices!

Greetings Alz