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Awesomefire Sram Lvl 108 Remington
Ryujin Kurae Masqueraider Lvl 36 Remington
Watery Brimstone Masqueraider Lvl 32 Nox
Young Fang Ouginak Lvl 9 Nox
Claeld Huppermage Lvl 8 Remington
Young Fang Ouginak Lvl 6 Remington
Joseph Blight Sacrier Lvl 2 Remington

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Hello everyone i am an advid roleplayer and was wondering if there were any roleplay hubs in either of these servers, thanks ^^.
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Hello everybody i am an avid wakfu player and i like to role play, but i'm having trouble finding a role play group/guild and i'm wondering if there are any current role playing guilds in the Remington server recruiting. I so reply down below and ill give you my character name (in-game) and then my role play character thank you!