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By Awcurzon - 2011-02-17 14:44:50 in General Discussion
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Every subscriber knows about tokens. Every time I extend my subscription for another month, I get a silly, little tofu token that I never pay attention to. I don't need the bunny capes or whatever equips/candies they give out for these tokens.

However, there are other tokens that can be acquired through various purchases or events. Like the dragon token you get from purchasing a 1 year sub and (i think) a goultard token you can get from purchasing Dofus Manga #6. These give out considerably better...
By Awcurzon - 2011-02-05 04:53:18 in Solar
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Guild: Dofus Militia

Leader: Onfadingluck (Me), level 139 enu. I've been the leader of Dofus Militia the whole year and a half its been around! Always have been always will be.

Second in Command: We currently have 2 SiCs, Mia level 148 feca, and Homiep level 134 cra. Both are very kind, active, and helpful!

Information: Currently, Dofus Militia is a level 36 guild (about to hit 37) with 75 active members. I know that is only 1 member from being the max but we are starting to gather various...