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By AwakeW - 2015-03-10 16:24:39 in Fan Art and Videos
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This is the second thread for the quests relative to this one

Prisoner's Call
This is a complementary quest for the players who haven't completed Potato Head. You can start it by talking to Bhen Neddal while being imprisoned in Enlighten the Darkness.


Bhen Neddal asks you to kill the two groups of Chafer that are walking in the cells and give him their bones. He explains to you that these are old prisoners that past away while being in this cell. After each fight, you'll get one Dusty...
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I'll try to make it quick, with being the more precise possible. While doing my Crimson quest, I had to face multiple times some NPC Rogues, since they are the main antagonists of this quest-line. However, I realized that these Rogues aren't affected by the new working system of the Xelor's gameplay. Let me show you it in a picture:


Normally, I should've changed places with the female Rogue, however, the teleportation system doesn't work in any of the Crimson fights against Rogues....