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Whipsy Daisy Osamodas Lvl 112 Rubilax
Whupsy Daisy Osamodas Lvl 107 Rubilax
Jabetha Catchands Sacrier Lvl 106 Rubilax
Finity Minits Xelor Lvl 105 Rubilax
Tengu Veramuch Masqueraider Lvl 105 Rubilax
Dimber Damber Sram Lvl 105 Rubilax
Aloeyu Veramuch Sadida Lvl 104 Rubilax
Betti Boom Rogue Lvl 98 Rubilax
Troubled Shooter Cra Lvl 97 Rubilax
Gofec Josef Feca Lvl 94 Rubilax
Dophie Ouginak Lvl 91 Rubilax
The Keymaster Eliotrope Lvl 83 Rubilax
Nat Wenty Ecaflip Lvl 73 Rubilax
The Pandalorian Pandawa Lvl 71 Rubilax
Esteamed Professor Foggernaut Lvl 67 Rubilax

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Down And Out: Defeat all enemies in order of decreasing level

We have a crosshair for "kill this monster last", it would be nice to see something similar added for the other challenges too.  Many times you'll start a fight, see "kill them in order of decreasing level" and instead of fighting, spending the next X seconds of your first round trying to figure out what that even means.

Solution: Mark enemies with an overhead market that states its number priority.  For example;

There are 5 enemies...
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I've had this issue happen a few times tonight.  You're supposed to be able to use Rupture on empty cells in order to teleport to them, but instead I get unclickable cells and the skill will not activate on them.

Screenshot for reference;
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I understand the importance of the stat.  For Osa's it affects their buff capabilities as well as Dragon damage.  For Sram's it represents how many traps they can have simultaneously.  For Xelors it represents how many Owls & Hydrands they can have, which aren't really used much in the first place anyways.

Some classes however, are unnecessarily hindered by Control.  Others, which used to have Control restrictions, such as Rogues for their Bombs, no longer have those restrictions, and instead...