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Member since 2008-11-16


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Sacrimachiro Sacrier Lvl 205 Rubilax
Sweet Heal Eniripsa Lvl 205 Rubilax
Machiroo Cra Lvl 204 Rubilax
Enumachiro Enutrof Lvl 204 Rubilax
Sadimachiro Sadida Lvl 201 Rubilax
Eliomachiro Eliotrope Lvl 200 Rubilax
Pandachiro Pandawa Lvl 195 Rubilax
God Machiro Iop Lvl 161 Rubilax
Maskchiro Masqueraider Lvl 111 Rubilax
Rala-Suwa Masqueraider Lvl 2 Pandora

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The real reason why Wakfu does not have a large player base is the ankama itself that makes sandbox wakfu and when there are bugs they do not give priority to fixing them, ending up with the few players who really want to play.
225 7739
same problem here
By [Sabi] - 2014-01-24 12:16:00 in News
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I download the beta wakfu test, and when I close the launcher and try to open it again opens the process and then longer closes. impossible for me to even open the launcher .. my windows 7 is 64-bit. i need help