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Member since 2012-03-07


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Last login: 2019-01-12


Audiotrack Feca Lvl 104 Nox
Fish Stix Iop Lvl 90 Nox
Torchic Cra Lvl 50 Nox
Wikipedia Xelor Lvl 45 Nox
Us Economy Rogue Lvl 22 Nox

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LuzCeleste114|2012-05-03 08:20:05he reason why they limit trade on free accounts it's to prevent botting I guess... seems redundant IMO, but, yeah... full game has trading and shops and an auction board, all that good stuff.
You must be new to the Internet.
By Eidrog - 2012-05-03 08:36:48 in General Discussions
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Eidrog...I don't know how to say in a better place now.