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I just want to clarify whether this works right:
Glai gives +1MP to a 3MP Minion before the middle
It attacks Belgodass
Counterattack silences it to normal stats including MP 3
Minion still walks to my Dofus and attacks
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A little budget list of Sadida. Only absolutely necessary Rares, no Krosmics, no Infinites, Dungeon wings 2 and 3 (you really need to buy those sooner or later).

This is definitely not an easy list though!
In this version this deck can win in this version at rank 11 at least(haven't played that much ranked neither this month nor last). I played a list thats a bit more expensive at 15 with good sucess last month. I highly recommend using some other cards, if you have them. Also you can change the...
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Both say stun for 1 turn, meaning a stunned Summnon cannot attack or move.
But only shake prevents attacking, lethargy flask makes only an animation.
Also enemy summons won't ever walk in your turn.

And why the hell are the card packs containing the cards from the starter decks? Especially in the case of the bronze packs, they shall contain at least one rare, but instead of the rare you're basically giving 50 fragments which isn't even enough for 2 commons, not to speak of an uncommon. I can understand...