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Hello. I've installed a dofus like few days ago, but... I got one, small problem. My character doesn't make any sound while using spells, or using some emotes. I've tried to clear a cache, re-install whole game, but nothing works... My characters are still without voice. :/ So! Does anyone know how to fix it?
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After last update, characters doesn't make sound at all. I mean, like while casting spells or doing some emotes... I hope it can be fixed somehow. Not a big problem, but oh well.
By Atemik23 - 2015-03-14 11:39:12 in Rushu
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Hello! I've quit Dofus a few years ago and I've decided to back. I started again on Rosal. Made 44 level, but... I feel somehow Rosal is a little dead, and market compared to Rushu is just a bit worse. So my question is... Should I transfer/start over on Rushu or should I stay on Rosal? D: