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I have been having a problem for several months where my character will just time out for no obvious reason, without being afk at all and without any inactivity warning. Basically, if I don't move every 20 secs or less most of the time, my character will freeze and I will eventually get the connection is lost error and go back to the log in screen. This does not happen when I am in a fight, it only happens outside of them. I am not afk, so I see no reason for it to disconnect me, and it happens on...
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I'm getting ready to put in a ticket about this myself soon, but I thought that I would ask you what you guys thought.

I am back in the guild on Rushu that I was in before I quit the game years ago. (just came back) We used to be one of the big guilds on the server, but since then people have left and come and gone.

But the main problem is that the leader with all of the rights to everything (except a couple of people who can invite) doesn't play anymore. He apparently seems to log in once in...