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Southern Cross is a small, family-like guild with mostly Australian players as it's founding members. Most of us met through playing Wafku (where we had a guild of the same name), but we decided to return to Dofus.
We are interested in helping new players (however few there may be on this server) find their feet and grow with us. The guild is currently level 6 and we have a house with shared chest.

Activities we can help with:

Help gearing lower level characters Mat farming Running Lvl. 1-100 dungeons...
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Are there any guilds around with mid-level players that like to do stuff that's not end-game? I'm an old returning player who loves to quest and work on professions. I like to plod along slowly and I'm looking for similar players. I like going through the quests and doing dungeons in order and experiencing them properly rather than just tagging along with a end-game players. My main is a 14x Osa and I used to play with a Panda and Sac in my team but I haven't re-subbed those accounts. My bro is a...
By AshalindWolf - 2011-11-17 11:26:34 in Problems and solutions
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I just subbed for 1 year and used my Dragon Token in the lottery. Instead of getting one of the prizes from said token, it said I unlocked Minotoro Token. What the hell? That token is what you get from a 6-month sub. ???

Yeah, yeah, send a ticket to support, I know...