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- The probability for a critical hit is decreased by 42% after each update for all characters who (despite the addition of this new functionality) still insist on mixing purple, pink, and fuchsia.

You have to respect the development team that would include this new feature.
By ArtfulCoder - 2013-06-28 15:38:43 in Suggestion Box
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So, there is this obviously large discrepancy between PVM and PVP. Many of the changes that have gone into rebalancing classes and spells are aimed at making PVP fair and balanced. This is a good goal, and one I support, since I mostly play for PVP. However, I have to admit that PVM has suffered because of this. So I thought of a very simple solution: make the more drastic of those apply only to other players, not to NPCs. For example, per-target limits on many spells are aimed at reducing the ability...
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A few releases back, Ankama made reseting spells much simpler. Their stated goal was to make it easier to try different builds and to use different builds with the same character for different situations. So why is it so difficult to reset your stats after level 30? At level 140, it is not possible to do it on your own with almost any class. Why on earth isn't it as simple as paying, for example, 100 doploons? Or 500? Or even 1000? Why should reseting stats be so different from reseting spells?