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By AriBarz - 2018-05-21 08:23:01 in General Discussion
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hello, i am level 199 and i am still using a maged gelano, so i am looking for cheap alternatives.

There is an item called Awmigawd Band that gives 1ap, as long as you don't have 11 ap

what if i have 10ap, then equip it? won't the ring be unequipped automatically? (10ap +1ap -> i now have 11ap, which doesn't fit the conditions)

in other words, my question is this: if i have 10ap, can i still equip the item?
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hi, i completed the achievement requirements but it won't mark it as completed. how do i solve this?
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Hi, I'm a returning player and was bored so I decided to do some frig quests.

I got the quest "Curses!" and I have this step:Help the mayor of the village and the Frigostian citizens
The wiki says that I need to have finished the Welcome to Frigost quest... which I already have. I've spoken to the mayor but there's no way to proceed to the next step of the quest