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Member since 2015-02-06


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2018-10-23


Grano Osamodas Lvl 79 Remington
Loxari Feca Lvl 76 Remington
Moebus Iop Lvl 73 Remington
Lemuni Pandawa Lvl 65 Remington
Anuset Xelor Lvl 61 Remington
Subesi Sadida Lvl 52 Remington
Ipresi Eliotrope Lvl 20 Nox
Megni Sadida Lvl 15 Nox
Adepus Ouginak Lvl 9 Nox
Lidowu Sacrier Lvl 8 Nox
Xepho Feca Lvl 8 Nox

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Same problem. I was playing earlier, logged out, and when I logged back in I had this error.

Ticket  #2226548
8 5933
I'm not sure how it's offensive. I never said anything derogatory or devalued the guide in any way. It's a great video if you're looking for mastery of the class. I'm certainly willing to spend 20 minutes on a guide or video, but the ones on this forum are much longer than that. I did take the guide shown into the respec room and still couldn't manage to make sense of it, there's just too much information. I'm not sure why you think a simple, specific guide would be a bad thing, GapaWakfu has some...
8 5933
I must just be monstrously thick, because none of that makes sense to me. I even try it in game, and it still makes no sense.