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By Arctic-Healer - 2014-03-04 13:17:52 in Markets of Rosal
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Hi, i am currently looking to level up a swordsmith, staff carver and wand carver all to 65(then 100 at a later date) i am looking for a lumberjack/miner combo to sell me bulk materials i will use in leveling up. Please contact me ingame Arctic-Eca is where you will most likely find me.

Thanks all

* Currently looking to buy Roughly 40k ash wood and 45k chestnut wood. paying 6kk per 100 for ash wood. and 7kk per 100 for chestnut wood. Thanks*

Same price. need 38k more ash and 42k more chestnut....
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hi, so um yea, i cant log into rosal. everytime i try to log in it says "you are currently unable to access that server. check your proxy or firewall settings"

i have never had this message before, it is not working for my computer, or laptop. i restarted router and it still doesnt work, anyone have any idea's??