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My wife doesn't know how to play Feca and never played, and loved the character with one at level 35, but she doesn't know how to combine the skills, neither now nor in the future. She opted for Strength/Agility, (Reduces damage and takes PA (When it takes hehehe...)), we are as they say in the race, doing missions, fighting to have 20K (Literally, I'm happy with our first 20K), professions (Collection) everything level 10~15. happy.

Could you give her some tips here?Link Builds (Up to level 200)...
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Does anyone have a link? For example, there is this one from Sadida.

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I have already been told everything, which reduces 20% or 25% of all resistances, was the most coherent, so I ask, does anyone know if it reduces all elements as an "X% All resist", how much does it reduce?Note: Is it in the end that it adds the resistors or is it calculated afterwards? "Animal Link"Http://