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Firaglyph Feca Lvl 215 Rubilax
Firaflip Ecaflip Lvl 215 Rubilax
Firasadi Pandawa Lvl 206 Rubilax
Firasamdas Osamodas Lvl 205 Rubilax
Firarheller Eniripsa Lvl 202 Rubilax

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By Arachive - 2023-02-06 01:52:58 in Foggernaut
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As far as I can understand it, the Foggernaut only gains SP in 3 ways- hypertension, the patience passive when you start with SP maxed, and the three elemental shots provided by turret. In addition, the turret only causes SP regain when attacking an already stasified enemy. This means that the fogger has no true way to regain SP on turn 1- hypertension gets the ball rolling on a stasified target, but for that turn you are suffering a net loss of SP.

In terms of gaining SP over the course of the...
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As far as I can understand, linear spells are the way they are because of the following reasons:
They have higher base damage/ap
They require no line of sight
Their effects are very good and/or versatile

You can see these properties in mix or alone in spells like Ecaflip's Three Cards, which extends 2 more cells beyond your furthest range due to being AoE (while not harming allies), Sadida's Tear and Fertiliser, Huppermage's Light Arrow and Mirage, Sram's and Masqueraider's bread and butter Wily...