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Firaglyph Feca Lvl 185 Rubilax
Firaflip Ecaflip Lvl 138 Rubilax
Firarheller Enutrof Lvl 136 Rubilax
Firasadi Sadida Lvl 128 Rubilax
Firasamdas Osamodas Lvl 6 Rubilax

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I understand that developers have a certain play style they want to push a class into when redesigning the set of spells and passives available to a class undergoing a revamp, but for both players making suggestions and developers making adjustments I find that some tools are used less than others to buff/nerf a perfectly serviceable (useful, even) elemental/active spell, and that they seem bend on redesigning a spell from scratch.

Here’s a reminder that there are other adjustments that can be...
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I'm from Hong Kong and because none of the payment options for buying ogrines worked for me, I asked a friend in Thailand to help me buy Ogrines using my ankama account which resulted in a permanent ban. I received a warning email that told me I had 7 days to prove that the ban was an error.

While I'm trying to get ankama support to "investigate" the matter (what is there to investigate if I explained the whole thing to them and a simple IP check can show that its true? Why do they need my personal...