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Charge is very strong on one minion alone...

But to make ALL of your minions charge 2 cells at the end of your turn is way too much. Especially when you combine it with bodyguard, Joris 2 star, or any shield spell.

Seriously, who balances this game?
By Aqualad - 2017-01-24 08:18:37 in General Discussion
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Earlier today, I had a Piwi one space short of the enemy Dofus. He plays a Dark Vlad card right in front of his Dofus to block my Piwi. And he plays some damage boosting cards to give Dark Vlad 4 Attack.

Now, whenever Dark Vlad deals damage, all adjacent cells take damage. Imagine our surprise when we realized this includes Dofus Egg spots. Dark Vlad killed my poor Piwi... but beacuse he was right next to his own Dofus, 3 of his own Dofus lost 4 health. Yeah.

I felt kinda bad, so I...
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We have 3 slots for pre-made decks, and it would give us a little more wiggle room to strategize. It's not like it would pidgeonhole people into one build vs certain gods... You would still need to properly read your opponent, or a poorly chosen deck could cost you the game.

Example: Up against a Xelor? Maybe you think he'll play control, so you pick your rush deck. But wait, he built for sustain, and you've burnt through your cards.