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Osa depends a lot on positioning now, but their kit makes this relatively painless. They have a pull, a push, a swap, and a teleport baked into their elemental spells, and these spells do other things. They have a swap on their active spells. They can pop Dragon Form to alter the shape of their spells. Many of their summons have spells with movement effects. They have Gobgob with a swap effect and a +mp spell, and Gobgob doesn't die on the turn that you summon it (unlike Boombot).

Rogue also depends...
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If your class got a big revamp recently, none of your class passives level up from 1 > 2 anymore.

How do you feel about this? Personally, I think this keeps some classes back, and/or keeps them clunky (Rogue). The bonuses classes get from passive level ups were pretty good.

Damage usually increased by 5% or 10%
Certain effects increased by %10 or %25 (block, dodge, class specific stuff, etc)
State levels applied increased by varying amounts (dizzy, etc)
AP, MP, Range, etc bonuses increased by...
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I'm not talking about the content of the patch notes. I'm talking about the format.

Normally, we'd wait 4-6 months for 1 class to get gutted from top to bottom. Instead, we saw 2 classes get a major overhaul, and almost every other class get minor adjustments.

For instance: Rogue wasn't slotted to get a major revamp, but they shouldn't have to wait until it's their "turn" before bombs were moved to the 3rd bar. They didn't have to wait, and that's great.

The devs have shown that they can focus...