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I forgot my password and I am trying to recover it for over 2 days. I follow the steps to recover it, I get the message: "You've been sent an email with a temporary password." but the problem is that I don't get any e-mail with password. So.. my question again is: How should I recover my account? I can't play because of this and also I WANT TO USE IT!!! Why the recovering isn't working???

note: this is not the account that I am trying to get back.

I am waiting for a reply.. or solve to this issue.

By Apprentice - 2008-05-12 06:53:25 in Subscription and payment
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Hello, i've payed my account with a credit card, and now if I want to extend my subscription it says I can use only the PayByCash method.. and I don't have how to do it PayByCash.. is there any way that I can pay it again with my Credit Card? With who can I speak with?

waiting for an answer*
Thank you.