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Nobody really keeps kamas in the ogrine/kama exchange if they're not part of a listing. This means that the web interface for the exchange is mostly useless.

Allow us to select a character to deduct kamas from. Or at least allow us access to kamas in the account's bank.
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I recently suggested this in reply to another thread but feel it deserves its own post.

Breeding items suck. They're heavy and they take up many slots, cluttering your inventory. I'd like to address the later of these problems with the following solution -

Allow players to forcibly stack items of the same type and arbitrary durability. The durability would be averaged and rounded down to the nearest integer.

Something like this -

[code]item_stack.count += 1;
item_stack.durability = Math.floor((item_stack.durability...
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If a person has not subscribed previously with a credit card and they wish to subscribe with ogrines, make them verify their phone number. Bot authors can't provision enough phone numbers to keep operating when they get banned.

If Ankama is interested, I would even write this. I will write this for FREE. Please do this. Please... no really..... :blink: