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By Apozen - 2011-07-26 21:55:07 in Rogue
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Summons Explobomb 11 to 12 Fire Damage 11 to 12 Fire damage Increases Damage by 90% (2 turns) Firstly why is "11 to 12 Fire Damage" put twice ? That suggests it does two damage rolls when in fact only one roll between 11 and 12 is done.

And increased Damage by 90% ?
That confuses me even more. I use the spell, detonate it and it still does 11-12 damage.
Or is that 90% increase in damage occur after 2 turns ? (As now after every turn a bomb gets increased bonus damage)
Or is that the bonus...
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I'm a level 72 Sacrier, I leveled at Sidimote Moor basically since level 40.
The exp there is amazing. I have about 130 wisdom. And with a 5 star red mob I get about 120k exp a minute.

Although ive heard otomai is a better place ?
But how ? I went there ... the highest star mob I found was like .. 1...
The exp isn't even that good to time ratio ... I only got 30k in a minute or two ..
Whereas sidimote moore I get 120k a minute or even under a minute.

And there arent that many mob levels around...