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Hello, I think wakfu really misses ability to change equipped pet skin. I imagine it like this: for example you wear gobball pet, but you want it to look like any other pet(that already exists in game), you do sacrifice the other pet(the skin you want, - the other pet you must have too) and your current pet acquire it's look (skin), the other pet disappear for ever. The pet lose it previous look and keep only last sacrificed pet looks, not changeable like costumes(more like "mimysimbic").  This...
By ApmasTo - 2020-07-14 19:35:24 in Ankama Launcher
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 What we (players) can do about black screen ? It happens many times per day, during play, - if you enter haven bag or travel through cities to much (in other words playing). Also if you switch between characters, this most likely will end with black screen during next transportation(or haven bag entry(separate acc characters mostly)...

 I see some players share their solution with java options inside Ankama launcher, - but it's not official, - not sure if I can trust it(as I don't understand...
By ApmasTo - 2020-07-08 17:04:07 in 1.68 Bug Reports
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Hello, I just want to post bugs I found during play at this dungeon(kokobana lvl 51 dungeon in Sufokia).

First you cannot complete challenge with last enemy(kill marked unit last), because totem dies last(boss fight) and it count as last monster always (but it's not monster, you can't do damage to it or anything).
Second is kind of similar, but with level order challenge if there is a challenge to kill monsters from highest level to lowest, it also cannot be done, because boss and totem levels are...