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By Anunnaki - 2017-12-16 16:41:18 in Cra
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I played cra for some time, mostly str int builds,a little bit cha.
Decided to try agi cra and it left a sour taste in my mouth.
The skills feel really lackluster compared to other elements. It has no AoE and the base damages are low.
One obvious example: look at punitive, atonement and devouring. Devouring has way less damage and is much harder to pull off. It has THE dumbest mechanic in game which absolutely makes no sense. The stacking process it self doesn`t even do damage. To have full effect...
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Not everyone has the money to subscribe 8 accounts. Its also hard to find a group unless you are lvl 199+ with epic gear.
Even if you find a group most of them are leeches.
So its harder for solo players to benefit the extra xp/drop from challenges and the bigger xp with group play.

Solo leveling is insanely boring and takes forever. I thought of a system that might help solo leveling. For every solo mob u take u get a buff that increases your xp gain.
For example when u are in frigost and doing...
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Why are there so little cool events on dofus?

Game would be more fun if there were more events.
For example:

Every weekend there is a double xp weekend (or every last weekend of a month since this is a huge event)
Every last weekend there is a double drop weekend.
Every weekend monsters get tougher.

Every weekend some quest appears,and there are achievements for these quests.

These are only examples. This would make the game cooler and people would look forward to play dofus in the weekends.