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By -Nodoka- - 2013-07-01 13:11:53 in Professions
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bad luck
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LaughinGhost|2013-06-22 06:45:15If anything, erosion encourages high vitality builds and equipment. No longer can you pull through with 30% resist and 60 linear resist with low hp. You need to balance some nice vitality up there so if you get eroded, you have a large bank to go through. High vitally builds? Did you even take the time read the entire thread before you posted a comment that doesn't even make any sense?
Did you not notice how OP clearly states his experience with his massive vitality...
By MethodzBack - 2013-06-16 01:05:29 in General Discussion
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worldkit|2013-06-18 16:14:43I am probably stupid but I wanted to ask AnonymousXerx-something (name too lame... emm... too long)... How did he get to roam around Frigost seeing it "empty", as an F2P, being that Zaaps can't be an option for him?

And by the way, Dofus is anything but declining..., have you not noticed the amount of people with dual trip or quad accounts? Is this even a real question?

Im still waiting for my answer. Since some of you claim that there is STILL hundreds of people at...