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Fouxes pass.
Prespic run through.
Strich scratch
for hidden food.
Young boars
drink sips of creek.
Pliskin and crow
play hide-and-seek.
Here a tofu
climbs a tree trunk
with her child.
And in this place
while Sadida sleep
a coney hops.
A bow meow creeps.

Scribbled hints
in foot prints
tell about the quest today.
I stop to read the Forest News
before it's worn away.


Eniripsa Lvl Omega 24 Talkasha
Death Note

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   I can't tell if this is a bug or an unfixed and incorrect description of the spell, but Furious Word states that "Gives the target Power based on the number of enemies adjacent to the target if it is an ally." I remember a while back it actually did give 100% power for each enemy that was hit around the target (100%-400%). The spell also does not mention anything about a max effect accumulation, but no matter if it's 1 or 4 enemy's around the target, the spell only buffs 100% (not 100%-400%...
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Hello Again! Thank you to everyone whom encourages me to keep at it! Once again (and for the last time) if you are new here, check out the beginning of my story over at the Incarnam Inn thread right here -
And with that!

Day 36 -- From scrub to salty dog

I DID IT! Today I managed to finish the grind on both the miner and lumberjack respectively. While the latter posed no exponential struggle throughout its progression, ...
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Hello! I've reported two of them already to Fiora, but there seems to be a lot of bots popping up around the stone tusk desert area looping all of the millet. I'm not claiming to understand how or why the process to rid the world of these things takes so long, but around 00:00 Dofus time quite a few of them begin there purge of the area and some help would be greatly appreciated. I would also really appreciate any tips that could help expedite this process in the future. So far all I know to do is...