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So as the title suggest,
I was able to breeze through it with a Rouge but Panda seems impossible, I have tried int , str , agi, tank.
Doesn't seem to work, And every youtube vid i've seen just abuses the idol method which is ofc fixed and not possible anymore. Anyone have any tips on how to beat it? I tried tons of variations, unb and going CC, Erosion, THrowing and staying ranged.....

EDIT: For anyone watching this in the future, I was able to nail it 1st try as a chance panda, 1100 chance...
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So basically this is a complaint and a question.

I wanted to know if AI behaviour when interacting with an invisiable sram or his traps are intentional?
I find it unpleasent that monsters with AOE spells just know where to hit and find me ]
after walking 10 cells using 8mp and repel trap.
It just makes this spell pretty useless in most dungs.

Seconde thing is the traps. Is there any plans to randomize a bit the AI reaction to traps? i mean it seems like to me
that they usually have a linear behaviour,...