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Member since 2012-03-25


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Last login: 2019-08-24


Talisa Alexianna Eniripsa Lvl 130 Remington
Arika Bam'Boo Pandawa Lvl 116 Remington
Nyx Moonclaw Ecaflip Lvl 116 Remington
Lilika Bramlix Sadida Lvl 116 Remington
Rei Synthetica Feca Lvl 116 Remington
Rue Dionysiac Sacrier Lvl 116 Remington
Arriane Cra Lvl 110 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

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I was just wondering, since we now have Class Temples in Wakfu as well, is there plans to implement dopples into this game too? (as it is in Dofus.) I apologize for asking about similarities, I loved Dofus for the game it was when I was still playing it years ago. It just cost too much to play since the whole game needs to be unlocked with subscription and all that. So i've just been monitoring the changes in Wakfu watching it become more and more like Dofus with every big change (fearing...
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Why is the info on there so limited... How are we supposed to know how to get these items, half of them don't even exist in game (which isn't made clear at all) and then of course apart from information on how to obtain, craft etc. things we also have no idea what some of the costumes mentioned look like.

Like this for example.. what the heck? example.
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I got early access to the Huppermage class by doing a FB event, the early access was supposed to be available today (the 9th of January) at 4 pm. I still have no access and an hour and 40 minutes has already passed since the class was supposedly been released for us.

Please Sabi/Flaptops, get back to us and the people who are buying access to the class.
This is starting to be a little rediculous

Please let us know what's going on, thanks.