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Pyra Carvell Masqueraider Lvl 132 Phaeris
Verin Mathwin Enutrof Lvl 126 Phaeris
Aviendha Sadida Lvl 125 Phaeris
Mizuno Ami Feca Lvl 86 Phaeris
Amara Highwind Huppermage Lvl 76 Phaeris

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So I'm having a fair bit of difficulty getting the most out of my masked spirit and was looking for some advise.

More often than not I find when I use masked spirit I end up taking way more damage and fall much faster in battle. If I keep it close to me I suffer double damage from AOEs, if I move it across the field I'm spreading my damage across targets and now enemies across the field are able to deal damage to me through the spirit which the otherwise may not have.

It's nice for the ability...
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A few folks on other servers have been kind enough to share the new seeds and cuttings of the harvest-able resources from Moon island. I went to our Moon Island and everything was already gone.

Is there anyone willing to share a few seeds and cuttings from Moon Island? If someone gave me some cuttings I would be glad to plant them in my bag to then share and spread them to other players for a while.

Maybe someone else would be able to do this with the herb and farmer resources?