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Xelor en Potencia
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Eda'Si Xelor Lvl 200 Elbor
Coin Of Newton Enutrof Lvl 194 Elbor
Eda'Gate Eliotrope Lvl 194 Elbor
Eda'Sel Eliotrope Lvl 20 Remington
Eda'St Foggernaut Lvl 6 Remington
Eda'Tank Feca Lvl 6 Elbor
Eda'Heal Eniripsa Lvl 6 Elbor

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The main way to hurt on Tock turns is usually through water spells, keeping in mind that, when using Clock this will set the status of Temporal Freeze that will increase as you apply more of it. (Example) If you use 2 Clock when you activate the damage with Hand this will be much greater than what you would do with only 1 Clock.
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Yes the build still work well, and the first spell is from Third Huppermage Quest
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The Spawn rate is just too low and you are just having bad luck