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i currently got panda (lvl 156 str) iop(lvl 156 str) eni(lvl 70, still leeching to about 120-140) and rogue( lvl 80 agi, got 4x exp to 150, so i would evt leech him to 140 or 150)

i do mostly (almost all the time) pvm(mostly mobbing and few dung)

i consider to replace the rogue with something else, but evt to what?
so far i have considered: xelor ( cha, agi or int) eca (int, cha or cha/agi) or keep the rogue( even the fights will take a bit longer time)

(i like rogue quite alot but fights take...
By Andreast - 2014-11-27 22:41:44 in General Discussion
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i cant decide wich 3 characters i want
but i thought of panda, rogue, sram, iop, xelor and (fogger or eca healer/support'ish)

this team will be mostly for pve, but i would like to be able to do pvp (in the future)

and i like to play tactical

evt wich support (of those 2) should i get?
By Andreast - 2014-11-12 21:23:48 in General Class Discussion
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hey, i need some help to figure out a nice team for pve and pvp

curently i got a iop (str(scrolled to 101 and points to 300) & int(only scrolled)) and panda (str)
so i wonder what the last character should be?
evt i could replace panda or iop (but would like to keep them)
tought maybe change panda for agi or/& cha sac

the classes i have seen a little on and wanted to try were, sram, Osa, Rogue and masq