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By Anabone - 2012-01-02 23:21:13 in General Discussion
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Lucky soul stones doesn't work anymore? Is that an update or a bug? fiftyeleven tryes on piglets which all failed. I hope I have enough perfect soul stones to finish the quests of eternal harvest.
By Anabone - 2011-09-03 21:20:44 in Suggestion Box
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This suggestio is about challenges at pvm fights. To try to complete those little missions to gain more exp and loot. It's mostly easy if you got a versatile character to complete them all but you end up failing them anyway. Mostly the reason is a second of when you are not concentrated. Mostly happends at the end of the battle, when you start to think about the next battle or something. Maybe just happy that the battle is ending and you completed both challenges (which you will fail).
I wanna suggest...