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By Amorus - 2006-04-07 17:01:58 in Suggestion Box
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This suggestions will weaken reflection in most cases, so get ready to not love me. ^^

reflection has a problem with Scurvions, who will cast a duration attack spell on you, and then feel hit after hit of it... Crocs do the same thing. These creatures kill themselves more effectively than my character can kill them with his non-passive abilities. I've seen people suggest to change the AI, but it is difficult to see how to do that.

An alternate idea is to create a new characteristic to damage...
By Amorus - 2006-04-06 17:05:02 in Suggestion Box
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There are some very pretty ethereal items... once, window-shopping, I saw a midbie sword, something like up to 25 fire damage with a very healthy +int. Sad to see an item like that go to the NPCs, but I'd bet it's been sold there by now.

Ethereal items are not supposed to be going to waste, even if they also are not supposed to be so good/easy to maintain that they compete with crafted items.

I'd like to see a small nudge of the ethereal items system, something that would keep the domain of maintanence...