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First they nerf the highlvl Daggers, (Daggers I'm using) and now they're gonna nerf Root Well... Because a very few amount of people using it.
Now it will be totally useless, yeah totally.

1 hour before they posted about the update info I added points to lvl 5 Staff Skill. Also been hunting mats for Root Well for a week, now I'll need to get 3mil to get rid of Staff Skill.

This is a fucking joke man, a big fucking joke.
Why even make the items in the first place? Let's all fight with Twiggy Swords...
By Amnesty - 2006-07-13 20:46:28 in Suggestion Box
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Why the F**K does the game _always_ get worse after every maintenance or bugfix?
WTF are you guys; a bunch of amateurs? Indeed.

You guys wasted 6(?) days to install a new server, to make the game less laggy, to make it more stable and what happens? It gets 10 times worse as usual.
Seriously, maybe you all should go back to the programming school.

Considering I have a job, I only have time to play around 3-4 hours a day and I can't even do anything now, just idling in -1,0 or such chatting for a...