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By Amharach - 2006-10-11 01:56:31 in Suggestion Box
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It would be mightily convenient to have a bank in the Breeders' village, and one in the Sufokia area.
Major cities and villages have banks... like Pandala... but some regions are really a bit far from the closest banking location.

(Edited to add... with the advent of the resource monsters, and their super-ultra-excessive frequency when fishing, the distance from the coast to the bank has become an issue. With level 100 fishing and fishmonger I do have tons of pods, yet that isn't enough to hold...
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Yesterday I went to explore the new are North of Bonta. At some point I wanted out, and simply couldn't... None of the exits out of the area worked. I had to use a recall potion, but what if I didn't have one? There isn't even anything to fight there and lose to...