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There is an issue with the Mac Dofus client where a client/character is thought to be lagging by the server- especially during fights, if the character window is not active on the screen (i.e. multi-clienting, tabbed out where browser/application windows block the actual game screen), as soon as the 'lagging' client is brought back to the screen, everything returns to normal. But as soon as it is hidden behind another window, server tells you that you are lagging again. Is there a way to fix this...
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I feel that a few of Osa's summoning spells could use a a change, and adding critical effects to certain spells could make things more interesting.

Summoning of Tofu

Critical Hit Rate: 1/75 (Instead of the normal 1/50 for standard spells)
Normal: Tofu
Critical Hit: Tofoone (35% more HP, 20% more damage, has Peak-a-Cake and Poisoned Seed, no Word of Youth)

Summoning of Gobball

Critical Hit Rate: 1/75 (Instead of the normal 1/50 for standard spells)
Normal: Gobball
Critical Hit: Gobball War Chief...
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So I wasted a good portion of my kamas thinking that I could change my character name because it's supposedly once every three months per character. It wasn't until I used this service for another character that the second note appears and tell me that it's per account, not character.

p.s. I would appreciate it if I could have my kamas refunded, or better yet, give me a bonus name change!

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